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Nature conservation supporter: Donate as a company

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By making a one-off or regular corporate donation, you have the opportunity to say "thank you" to nature: protect a piece of rainforest in the Amazon region of Peru or on the west coast of Canada with your donation. 





1 m2

of old-growth rainforest

forever and ensures that

60 kg

of CO2

permanently in the biomass of the forest.

Wilderness International
Do you have bigger plans? Then our partner program is for you.

WI Naturschutz Supporter: Donate as a company

As a nature conservation supporter, you can make a corporate donation of up to 10,000 square meters per year in just a few clicks using our donation form. On this page we show you how.  

Your advantages as a nature conservation supporter

  • Choose how you donate - whether with a free donation amount, based on your Umsaz or Footprint or as a gift donation.

  • You can easily process your donation yourself in just a few clicks using our donation form

  • Your certificate with the exact geocoordinates is available to download directly

  • Tax deductible donation with donation receipt

  • To communicate your donation, we will provide you with our "Naturschutz Supporter" logo and image material on request. Simply send us a short message to kontakt@wilderness-international.org after your donation.

Your donation options:

Free donation: Preserving the rainforest together

Your donation secures the protection of a piece of forest for all future generations - not just for one year or one human life.

Wilderness International

Formula for wilderness protection success: donate 1% of sales

By donating 1% of your sales to forest conservation, you are not only donating money, but also signaling your deep commitment to the environment.


We are a partner of the 1% for the planet initiative. With our donation receipt, you can also submit your contribution directly to them after your donation and receive the 1% badge for your communication. 


old-growth forest protectold-growth forest protect

Determine your footprint with the CO2 calculator

With our calculator you can calculate your CO2-footprint. You will also receive reduction tips. You can then offset your footprint by protecting the world's most species-rich rainforest - the climate savior of our planet

Forest as a gift for employees and customers

Protect a piece of forest for your employees, business partners or customers, e.g. as a meaningful Christmas present or for a company party. 

Give donationGive donation

With every donation: Your wilderness protection certificate

Personalized, concrete, attractively designed: You will receive a personalized donation certificate with the exact geo-coordinates and an aerial photo of the protected forest area.

Wilderness International

Why should our company donate to environmental protection? 

Your donation pays into this SDG

Wilderness International
SDG 6 - Water & Sanitation

The rainforest is an important part of global water cycles. Your protected rainforest therefore contributes to the conservation of clean water. 

Wilderness International
SDG 12 - Consumption

Thanks to donations, we can focus our communication and environmental education in such a way that consumption and production patterns are understood, questioned and, ideally, improved. One tool for this is the CO2 calculator. 

Wilderness International
SDG 13 - Climate Action

Every square meter of rainforest stores around 60 kg of carbon dioxide. By protecting the ecosystem, potential emissions are immediately avoided. This so-called REDD project is a main pillar of sustainable climate protection.

Wilderness International
SDG 15 - Life on land 

Protecting terrestrial ecosystems can prevent soil degradation, combat desertification and slow down the loss of biodiversity. The conservation of protected areas therefore has a local but also global impact on sustainable life on land.

We are confirmed effective.

The Phineo "Wirkt!" seal confirms that our work has a traceable effect and that we are a high-performance and transparent organization.


As a donating company, you can be sure that your contribution will be used effectively.

Wilderness International

About Wilderness International

The foundation, which is based in Peru, Canada and Germany, purchases legally secure wilderness areas and protects them for the future. The purchases are refinanced through donations, which ensure the long-term protection of the areas and enable environmental education projects and research into CO2 storage and biodiversity. 

Wilderness International