In wildness is the preservation of the world.

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    Mission Canada begins
    Robert Marc Lehmann's new YouTube series is online! You can expect fantastic wildlife footage and emotional adventures from the West Coast. Let's protect this habitat together!
  • Wilderness International
    Phineo Wirkt-Siegel award ceremony
    We have received the Phineo Wirkt seal! We were in Berlin on November 6 to receive it at a ceremony.
  • Wilderness International
    Employee gift Christmas company
    Looking for a sustainable gift idea for your employees? A wilderness sponsorship protects a unique piece of nature for all time.

Tarzan would be proud of us

Wilderness International
Who we are

We are a non-profit foundation. We buy ecologically valuable and acutely threatened wilderness areas around the world in order to preserve them for the future.

Wilderness International
What we want to achieve

By 2050, we will protect the last 2.8% of our planet's intact habitats through legally secure purchases.

Wilderness International
What you can do

Say "thank you" to nature with us: Protect a piece of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon or on the west coast of Canada with your donation.

Wilderness International
What you get

You receive a personalized certificate with an aerial photograph and geocoordinates. This way you can see exactly which piece of forest we protect with your donation.

Nature conservation - but effectively.

The Phineo "Wirkt!" seal confirms that our work has a traceable effect and that we are a high-performance and transparent organization.


As a donor or partner, you can be sure that your contribution will be used effectively.

Wilderness International

The non-profit AG Phineo offers an independent and reliable review of the effectiveness of social commitment. In order to receive the seal, we were analyzed by independent experts over a period of six months in a four-stage process.

Protect forest now

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What we have achieved so far


Square meter old-growth forest

we have already bought with land title


Square meter old-growth forest

of which are already protected forever thanks to wilderness sponsorships


tons of CO2

thus remain permanently stored in the biomass of the forest

CO2 calculator

Whether for companies, private individuals or households - we have developed various specializedCO2 calculators. You can use them to calculate, analyze and reduce yourcarbon footprint in many areas free of charge. We also offer a voluntary offsetting project with which you can protect the world's most species-rich forest and thus save the climate and biodiversity.

Wilderness International
  • Protecting nature means saving lives. Your own, for example.

    Protect a piece of old-growth rainforest now - as a valuable habitat and for a healthy climate.

  • Calculate your carbon footrpint now for free and offset it by protecting primary forest.

    Rainforests store huge amounts of carbon. And it should stay that way!

  • The best partners that nature could wish for.

    Become a corporate partner now and show your commitment to the future.

Your donation works...

Wilderness International

You receive a personalized certificate with an aerial photograph and geocoordinates. This allows you to see exactly which piece of forest we protect with your donation.

Wilderness International

Your one-time donation ensures the permanent protection of the forest area. For all future - not just for one year or a lifetime.

Wilderness International

Every 1 € donation protects 1 m2 of forest

Wilderness International

Primary rainforests are home to huge biodiversity and are therefore important for the conservation of biodiversity. They are also our most important allies for a healthy climate. Once destroyed, they are irretrievably lost.

Robert Marc Lehmann

was with us in Canada

The environmentalist, filmmaker, marine biologist and successful YouTuber Robert Marc Lehmann has now joined us in Canada after "Mission Peru". On site, he was impressed by our work and immediately chose a very special forest area that he would like to protect with his community: one million square meters of Mission Earth forest!

Wilderness International
Protect 25 m2 of rainforest habitat

Every donation protects valuable habitat. Yours too.

Intact forests provide us with clean air and clear water. They ensure a cool microclimate and offer us space for adventure and recreation. For your donation, you will receive a personalized certificate with the exact geo-coordinates of the area of forest you protected.


Are you a future-oriented, sustainable company or would you like to become one? Do you want to be a responsible business and show your commitment to the future of our planet?

Become a corporate partner and protect the last primary rainforests on Earth with us!


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Our vision: To protect the last 2.8% of intact habitats on our planet by 2050 through legally secure purchase.


We dedicate our daily work to purchasing ecologically valuable and acutely threatened wilderness areas around the world to preserve them for all futures.

We still have the opportunity to save the last wilderness areas on earth. This knowledge and the enthusiasm for fantastic nature drive us to make our mission a reality, step by step.

You can be a part! Every euro you donate protects 1 m2 of old-growth forest forever. For your donation, you will receive a certificate with the exact geocoordinates of the protected forest.


Protect forest now

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Wilderness International
Wilderness International

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