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for the protection of the Amazon rainforest 

Wilderness International

Preserve a piece of endangered wilderness together!

On their 6-month trip to South America in 2023/2024, Yvonne and Jerry also spent a few days deep in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, where they were able to experience the uniqueness of this ecosystem. Through Wilderness International, they and their community want to protect as much of old-growth forest as possible forever. 


Every euro counts and every euro protects 1 square meter - forever! Are you in? 




of wilderness sponsors have protected

m2 of old-growth forest

forever, thus ensuring that

tons of CO2

remain permanently stored in the biomass of the forest
100,000 m² protected
Protect more forest

The Amazon rainforest needs you!

Playful monkeys, mysterious jaguars and liana-covered jungle giants - the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse place on earth! Together with Yvonne & Jerry's Community and Wilderness International, you can protect this forest forever.

Your donation at a glance: 

  • concrete use: 1 € donation protects 1 m² rainforest

  • Good for the climate: this leaves 60 kg CO2 permanently bound in living biomass

  • transparent: you will receive a certificate with the geo-coordinates and an aerial photo of the protected forest area

  • lasting impact: your one-time donation guarantees the permanent protection of the area

  • Tax-deductible donation with donation receipt

Name: Secret Forest

Country: Peru
Region: Madre de Dios
Location of the protected area: along the Tambopata River, around 30 km southwest of the city of Puerto Maldonado
Ecosystem: tropical rainforest


View the protected area on the map

Your wilderness certificate 

Immediately after your donation, you will receive a personalized certificate about the piece of wilderness you have protected. It also makes a great gift!

Wilderness International

Experiencing the rainforest up close was a unique experience. It is incredible how much diverse life takes place here. We want to help preserve this valuable ecosystem for all time!

Yvonne Pferrer & Jerry Grube

Wilderness International
Wilderness International

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Wilderness International

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About Wilderness International

The foundation, which is based in Peru, Canada and Germany, purchases legally secure wilderness areas and protects them for the future. The purchases are refinanced through donations, which ensure the long-term protection of the areas as well as environmental education projects and research into CO2-storage and biodiversity. 

Wilderness International


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