Now CO2-Calculate footprint

and compensate through old-growth forest protection

Wilderness International

Wondering what your climate impact is?

Whether you are a company, private individual, travel or event - we have seven specialized CO2-calculators that are specifically tailored to the needs of different areas of life. Three calculators are currently available (individual, office & medical), the others will be added successively over the next few weeks.


This allows you to reduce your CO2-footprint.


And afterwards, you can offset your footprint by protecting the world's most biodiverse rainforest - our planet's climate savior.

Our CO2-calculator: 

Your advantages

  • specialized computers specifically adapted to different areas

  • Cache function

  • Average values for easier calculation

  • free calculation

  • 1€ compensation donation protects 1m2 forest

  • Permanent forest protection > Permanent CO2-Binding

  • Tax-deductible donation with donation receipt

  • personalized certificate with geocoordinates

Wilderness International

For compensation, you will receive a personalized certificate with the geo-coordinates of the protected forest piece, so you know exactly where it is.

Climate saver forest

Compensation through old-growth forest protection

Primeval forests are real climate savers. They not only store huge amounts of CO2but also cool the environment, ensure stable rainfall and clean the air. And they are also a habitat for a huge variety of species!

Why our computers?

Determine the exact footprint of your area with our special calculators.

  • Transparent & comprehensible

    We use only publicly available data for the calculation and disclose our basis of calculation.

  • Thoroughly

    The factors were selected on the basis of numerous quality criteria from relevant scientific sources. The factors are regularly updated, optimized and expanded.

  • Holistic

    As far as the data situation allows, the entire life cycle of a product or activity is included in the CO2-calculation. This means, for example, not only the gasoline combustion of the car, but also emissions from the extraction of raw materials, production and disposal of the vehicle, etc.


    We also anticipate CO2-equivalents, i.e. other greenhouse gases such as methane are also included in the calculation.

Compensation through old-growth forest protection?

When we hear the word "offsetting", we usually think of CO2 is resumed somewhere else. We believe it is more urgent and more effective to preserve intact natural areas before it is too late.

Find out why old-growth forest is our most important buffer against climate change here: