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of wilderness sponsors have protected


m2 of old-growth forest

forever, thus ensuring that

tons of CO2

remain permanently stored in the biomass of the forest
100,000 m² protected
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Protect Rainforest

Playful monkeys, mysterious jaguars and giant jungle trees, covered in lianas - the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse place on earth! Together with Robert Marc Lehmann and Wilderness International you can protect this forest forever.

Your donation at a glance:

  • Country: Peru
  • Region: Madre de Dios
  • Location of the protected area:
    along the Tambopata River, about 30 km southwest of the town of Puerto Maldonado.
  • Ecosystem: tropical Amazon rainforest
  • concrete: 1 € donation protects 1 m²
  • good for the climate: Every square meter of forest offsets 60 kg of CO2
  • transparent: within three weeks you will receive a certificate with the geo-coordinates and an aerial photo of the protected forest area
  • permanent: your one-time donation guarantees the permanent protection of the area
  • Tax-deductible donation with donation receipt
Wilderness International

Example of a wilderness protection certificate

I am convinced by the directness of the work. Instead of expensive awareness campaigns, WI actually protects unique wilderness areas. And not only the how, also the what has a hand and foot. Areas are selected on the basis of their acute threat, their ecological importance or their strategic location. All of this can be tracked by anyone using geo-coordinates. More transparency is impossible!

Wilderness International

Jenin Ziemens

Environmental Ambassador

Wilderness International

We show you where your donation goes. Exactly to the square meter.

Join us in protecting the old-growth forest in Peru and offset your CO2-footprint!

Living tree. Living space.

Every euro saves one square meter of living space. Sounds good. But it's even better.


Example: With a donation of 64€ to Wilderness International, you protect a piece of forest that is 64m2 in size. This corresponds to a 3200m2 habitat with countless niche habitats for a huge variety of animals and plants that interact with each other in symbiosis.


Our graphic shows you how much life there is in a
Brazil nut tree from the root to the crown

Wilderness International

About Wilderness International

 Wilderness International, based in Peru, Canada and Germany, purchases wilderness areas legally secure with land title and protects them for all future.

The purchases are refinanced by donations, which at the same time ensure the long-term protection of the areas and enable environmental education projects and research on carbon storage and biodiversity.

Wilderness International
Wilderness International

Our guide to saving the world

Transparency through Drones

Wilderness International
Wilderness International
Wilderness International

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What else can you do for the climate? Now CO2Calculate your carbon footprint and offset it at old-growth forest protection !

Wilderness International
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