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Calculate and reduce emissions now and offset them at old-growth forest protection

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ACO2 calculator for the medical sector

Whether it's a general medical practice or a dentist: with our tool specifically for medical facilities, you can calculate thecarbon footprint of different practices easily and free of charge.

And afterwards, you can directly offset yourcarbon footprint by protecting valuable rainforest!

Climate saver forest

Compensation through old-growth forest protection

Primeval forests are real climate savers. They not only store huge amounts ofCO2, but also cool the environment, ensure stable precipitation and clean the air. And what's more, they are a habitat for a huge variety of species!

Your advantages

  • Specialized calculators: queries specifically tailored to the needs of the medical sector

  • Cache function

  • Average values for easier calculation

  • free calculation

  • 1€ compensation donation protects 1m2 of forest

  • permanent forest protection > permanentCO2 sequestration

  • Tax-deductible donation with donation receipt

  • personalized certificate with geocoordinates

Wilderness International

Example of a wilderness protection certificate forCO2 compensation

What can your medical practice do for the climate?

Information onCO2 compensation

Doesn't compensation mean that emissions are reabsorbed? Is it better to plant trees or protect trees? Why does deforestation actually affect the climate? Many questions are answered in this interview with Kai .

You can also find more information on our info page.

What our calculators offer you
Our calculators are:

  • Transparent & comprehensible: We have only used publicly available data and will disclose the basis of calculation on request.
  • Holistic: As far as the data situation allows, we always include the entire life cycle of a product or activity in theCO2 calculation.
  • Thorough: Numerous quality criteria guide our selection of emission factors from relevant scientific sources.
  • Current: We regularly update, optimize and expand the computers.
  • Diverse & highly specialized: We offer a variety of different computers that are precisely tailored to the conditions of the respective area.

CO2 footprint dental practice

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About Wilderness International

 Wilderness International, based in Peru, Canada and Germany, purchases wilderness areas legally secure with land title and protects them for all future.

Donations refinance the purchases and at the same time finance the long-term protection of the areas as well as environmental education projects and research on carbon storage and biodiversity.

I am convinced by the directness of the work. Instead of expensive awareness campaigns, WI actually protects unique wilderness areas. And not only the how, also the what has a hand and foot. Areas are selected on the basis of their acute threat, their ecological importance or their strategic location. All of this can be tracked by anyone using geo-coordinates. More transparency is impossible!

Wilderness International

Jenin Ziemens

Environmental Ambassador

Don't miss another chance to say "thank you" to nature!

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Wilderness International
Wilderness International
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