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Our conservation expeditions

What is an expedition and why do we go on these trips?

During our conservation expeditions, we visit our rainforest conservation areas in small teams before and after the purchase. We do this for scientific research, environmental education projects and media documentation, as well as drone footage and transparency regarding the use of your donations. 


Our visits focus on the scientific recording of unique forest and wilderness areas.

  1. Rapid Assessments: In short, target-oriented data collections on ecological integrity, biodiversity and CO2-storage, we decide which areas of rainforest are purchased and protected in the long term.
  2. Long-term studies: We have set up long-term test plots that allow us to determine how much CO2 is stored in our forests. In Peru, our partner organization "Fauna Forever" also has numerous exciting research projects in our protected areas. They allow us to find out important and exciting things about life in the forests that you protect! This includes studies on biodiversity, but also, for example, the impact of human activities on wild animals and the forest in general.
  3. Aerial photography with drones: With the help of drones from the company Quantum Systems, we can create lidar and multispectral images of the forest areas. This allows us to determine, among other things, the number and height of trees and even the different tree species in an area.


Photographers and filmmakers create photos and films that bring the forest to your home. They show its uniqueness, importance and need for protection and inspire to protect these forests.

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Photographer during our expedition to the rainforests of Peru in March 2022.

Drone recordings

With drone pilot:inside, we also create high quality aerial images so you can get a close look at your protected area.

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A drone takes off to photograph the protected rainforest area from above.

Environmental education

During the trips, we create environmental education materials such as videos for YouTube or photos for school presentations. Above all, however, within the framework of the Environmental Ambassador Program students can travel directly to our protected areas and experience and explore them up close.


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We also offer selected corporate partners who are exceptionally committed and work with us on a long-term basis the opportunity to view their protected forest area. In this way, they can make sure that their donation really gets through. They can also show videos and pictures of the protected area to employees, partners and customers who have supported the project. Often, these trips are an inspiration and motivation to protect even more forest and motivate more people to join in.

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Carsten Herold from our long-time nature conservation partner Herolé Klassenfahrten takes a look at the protected areas in the Toba Valley.

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