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Give away rainforest

Sustainable gift - even last minute!

Are you looking for a sustainable gift idea? A wilderness sponsorship protects a piece of unique nature for all time. Give away a piece of the future!

You will receive a certificate with the name of the person receiving the gift, as well as the geo-coordinates and an aerial photo of the protected forest area.

The donation is perfect as a gift for customers, employees or partners, for a birthday, baptism, wedding or birth, as well as a gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Father's Day. It is the perfect sustainable gift for people who have everything.


Give away rainforestGive away rainforest

This is how it works

  1. Select size

    In the donation form, select the size of the forest area you wish to donate

  2. Fill in the donation form

    Enter your details in the form to ensure that you receive all the information and the donation receipt.

  3. Design certificate

    Now you can personalize the certificate with the name of the person receiving the gift. If you want, you can also add an occasion.

  4. Receive certificate

    You can download the certificate directly after payment. It will also be sent to you by e-mail - to forward or print out and give as a gift. Also perfect as a last-minute gift!

  5. Have fun giving them away!
1 €



1 m2

of old-growth rainforest

forever and binds

60 kg


permanently in the biomass of the forest

Save rainforest now

Donation as a gift

Playful monkeys, rare coastal wolves and centuries-old jungle trees - the rainforests of our earth are not only a wonder of nature, but also essential for a livable future. Together with Wilderness International, you can protect them forever.

The most important facts about your gift donation at a glance

  • concrete use: 1 € protects 1 m² rainforest
  • good for the climate: Each square meter binds 60 kg of CO2
  • transparent: You will receive a certificate with the name of the person receiving the gift, as well as the geocoordinates and an aerial photo of the piece of forest you are protecting
  • lasting impact: Your one-time donation guarantees the permanent protection of the area
  • tax deductible donation with donation receipt
  • Sustainable gifts for Christmas and birthday

    The perfect gift for people who have everything: A piece of rainforest, protected forever. You're guaranteed to get it right.

  • Sustainable Gifts for Wedding, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day & Father's Day

    Is there a more beautiful proof of love than to give away a piece of the future? 

  • Sustainable gifts for employees, sustainable gifts for customers

    For sustainable, forward-thinking businesses: Make a meaningful gift with a piece of rainforest.

Where you can protect forest

Where you can protect forest

  • Wilderness International
    Secret Forest in Peru

    Playful monkeys, mysterious jaguars and liana-clad jungle giants - the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse place on earth!

  • Wilderness International
    Misty Forest in Canada

    Rare coastal wolves, nimble otters and mysterious sundew in the forest marsh - the temperate rainforest of the Northwest Coast is a wild treasure.

How we protect forest

That's what we make of it.
* the figures are based on real expenditure of the last 13 years
1€ protects
1m² forest!
Initial costs
Long-term costs
20 centsEnvironmental education and communication

This part flows directly into our projects such as wilderness runs and environmental education projects with schools, workshops and our web platform.

5 centsAdministrative expenses 38 centsLand purchase and purchase process

In addition to the costs for the land purchase, costs for the notary and the land register entry as well as property taxes are included here.

19 centsLand purchase preparation: find, research and document relevant nature conservation areas

In rapid assessments, we work with researchers to determine the biodiversity and CO2 storage capacity of the area. Aerial images from drones help us to document the areas.

18 centsLong-term protection and research

The ecological integrity of the areas is monitored and ensured through regular visits, local partnerships and forest guardian. Environmental ambassadors and scientists visit the areas, conduct research together and experience the forest they are protecting.

Initial costs
Long-term costs
Wilderness International
Protect 25m2 rainforest for all time

Every donation protects valuable habitat. Yours too.

Intact forests provide us with clean air, clear water, ensure a cool microclimate and last but not least offer us space for adventure and recreation. 

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