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Rare coastal wolves, nimble otters and mysterious sundew in the forest marsh - the temperate rainforest of the Northwest Coast is a wild treasure. With Wilderness International, you can protect this old-growth forest forever.

About Misty Forest

In the rhythm of ebb and flow

As the fog of the rugged Nordic coast lifts, islands appear in the sea, then disappear again. The cry of a bald eagle pierces through the haze. An otter slips out of its burrow between the giant roots of the jungle and glides silently into the sea. Then it curiously sticks its head out of the water.

  • Name: Misty Forest
  • Country: Canada
  • Region: British Columbia
  • Location of the reserve: on Porcher Island, about 40 km south of the port city of Prince Rupert and not far from the Alaskan border.
  • Size: > 166,5 ha
  • Ecosystem: temperate coastal rainforest
  • Climate: annual precipitation of up to 3,000 mm (comparison Germany: ø 223 mm per year)


  • Otter
  • Coastal Wolves
  • Bald Eagle
  • Minks
  • Black-tailed deer
  • Starfish


  • Nutka mock cypress
  • Hemlock fir
  • Douglas fir

Your donation at a glance:

  • concrete use: 1 € protects 1 m²
  • good for the climate: each square meter binds 60 kg ofCO2
  • transparent: you will receive a personalized certificate with the geo-coordinates and an aerial photo of the piece of forest you protected
  • lasting impact: your one-time donation guarantees the permanent protection of the area
  • Tax-deductible donation with donation receipt

Example of a wilderness protection certificate

What motivated me to join WI, and what continues to convince me, is the directness of the work. Instead of expensive awareness campaigns, WI actually protects unique wilderness areas. And not only the how, but also the what is sound. Areas for protection are selected based on acute threat, ecological importance, or strategic location. All of this can be tracked by anyone using geo-coordinates. It can't get more transparent than that!

Jenin Ziemens

Environmental Ambassador

We show you where your donation goes. Exactly to the square meter.

Impressions from the temperate rainforest

The ebb and flow of the tide determine the rhythm of the land and its inhabitants. 

  • Among seaweed and kelp, a playful mink pursues its favorite food, abalone.

  • A deer on the rocky beach

  • In the sea, otters hunt for mussels and snails.

  • Nestled in soft layers of ancient sphagnum moss grows rare long-leaved sundew, its nectar drops glistening in a rare sunbeam. In the silence of the bog, it lures flies into its trap with its sticky tentacles.

  • A rare coastal wolf on beach patrol

  • The gnarled, old trees defy the harsh weather of the north coast. In the shelter of their thicket, otters can enjoy their seafood in peace, fertilizing the forest floor with the minerals from the shells.

  • A bald eagle hunts for fish in the sea with a sharp eye.

Eye to eye with the coastal wolf

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