Your company gift secures the future

Give your team a piece of rainforest

Wilderness International

Make a gift that really works.

Are you looking for a sustainable gift idea for your employees? A wilderness sponsorship protects a unique piece of nature for all times. Show that you take responsibility and give a piece of the future!

The wilderness sponsorship with certificate 

Personalized, concrete, lovingly designed: You will receive personalized donation certificates with names, geocoordinates and an aerial photo of the protected forest for your employees.

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Saying thank you - to your team and to nature

Save rainforest now

Playful monkeys, rare coastal wolves and centuries-old jungle trees - the rainforests of our earth are not only a wonder of nature, but also essential for a livable future. Together with Wilderness International, you can protect them forever.






forever and binds



permanently in the biomass of the forest

The most important facts about your gift donation at a glance

  • concrete use: 1 € protects 1 m² rainforest

  • good for the climate: Each square meter binds 60 kg of CO2

  • Transparent: You will receive personalized certificates with the names of the recipients, as well as the geocoordinates and an aerial photo of the protected forest area

  • lasting impact: your one-time donation guarantees the permanent protection of the area

  • Tax-deductible donation with donation receipt

  • Flexible amount: As a donation gift regardless of the non-cash benefit exemption limit

A gift for any size

You would like to give your small team a gift as a token of appreciation? Your company would like to give a gift to a large number of employees in an uncomplicated way?


Whether only a few people are to be gifted or directly several hundreds - the wilderness sponsorship is exactly the right thing. And it's fast and uncomplicated, without time stress or organizational effort. 

The perfect gift in just a few steps

With Wilderness International, you can create a meaningful and sustainable gift for your employees in no time at all. This is how it works: 

  • First check: Self-booking possible?

    Up to 1,000 euros total donation:
    Simply use our donation form - one per employee. Here you can:

    • Select the protected area
    • select the amount of the respective donation
    • personalize the certificate with name and occasion
    • store your company data for the donation receipt


    You'll receive your certificate right after you're done - and you're ready to give away!(1-Min-How-To-Video)



  • Larger project? Contact us!

    For total donations of 1,000 euros or more, please contact us directly. Please have your certificates ready:

    • Company address & contact:in
    • Names & gift amounts of the persons receiving the gift. 
    • Optional: Your logo


    Do you still need advice? No problem. Arrange a brief and informal meeting with our team.

  • 3 - Agreement & donation

    After contacting us, we will enter into an agreement that documents your commitment to wilderness conservation. This way you know your mission exactly and receive text and image rights to use our communication material. 


    Afterwards you trigger your donation independently via our platform - if desired also with donation request by us. 

  • 4 - Certificates & Communication 

    We will send you the individual gift certificates as PDF files. Decide for yourself whether you want to give away the certificates digitally or in the print version. 


    In addition, we will provide you with image, video and text material including the Wilderness International logo for your communication. Please briefly coordinate your communication measures with us.

  • 5 - Looking ahead together

    Be proud - together with Wilderness International and your employees, you can now protect rainforests in the long term! 


    We would be happy to look back on the campaign with you afterwards and ask you together: What else can we achieve with our combined forces?

Wilderness International
Johann-Georg Cyffka

These partners are already donating rainforest

About Wilderness International

The foundation, which is based in Peru, Canada and Germany, purchases legally secure wilderness areas and protects them for the future. The purchases are refinanced through donations, which ensure the long-term protection of the areas and enable environmental education projects and research into CO2 storage and biodiversity. 

Wilderness International

Nature conservation - extremely effective.

Over a period of six months, we were assessed for the effectiveness of our commitment in a multi-stage process by independent experts from the non-profit company Phineo.


The Phineo "Wirkt!" seal confirms that our work has a traceable effect and that we are a powerful and transparent organization. So you can be sure that your contribution is being used effectively.

Wilderness International