Phineo "Wirkt!" seal

Tested & recommended!

We are extremely proud to announce that WI has been awarded the Phineo "Wirkt!" seal!


After a long break, the Analysis Group once again put non-profit organizations through their paces, this time on the subject of climate protection.


Out of a total of 101 applications, 14 organizations passed the process and received the seal.

Wilderness International

On November 6, we were in Berlin to receive the seal of approval and to network with the 13 other organizations that also received the award.

Wilderness International

The Phineo "Wirkt!" seal confirms that our work has a traceable effect and that we are a high-performance and transparent organization. To receive it, we were analyzed by independent experts over a period of six months in a four-stage process.


As a donor or partner, you can be sure that your contribution will be used effectively.


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