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remain permanently bound in the biomass of the forest.

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Playful monkeys, mysterious jaguars and liana-clad jungle giants - the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse place on earth! Together with Wilderness International, you can protect this habitat forever.

About the Secret Forest

When the sun rises over the forests along the Tambopata River, the forest begins to breathe. Warm mist rises above the treetops, breaking the sunlight into warm colors of red.

Streaks of sunlight shine through the dense canopy of the enormous jungle giants, which stand on meter-high buttress roots and are draped all over with lianas.

Online map

On the online map you can see all the areas that the Secret Forest currently covers, as well as their location on the globe. There you will find our current aerial photos and you can also see which areas are already permanently protected through sponsorships.

Wilderness International

New pieces of land are added on a regular basis. Our goal is to protect a contiguous habitat along the river.

  • Name: Secret Forest
  • Country: Peru
    • Region: Madre de Dios
    • Location of the reserve: along the Tambopata River, about 30 km southwest of Puerto Maldonado
  • Size: 197.7 ha
  • Ecosystem: tropical Amazon rainforest, floodplain forest and terra firme
  • diverse habitat consisting of forest, streams, oxbow lakes, and palm swamps, with numerous niche habitats
  • Climate: annual precipitation of up to 3,800 mm (comparison Germany: ø 750 mm - 800 mm per year)
  • Animals:
    • Brown-throated Sloth
    • Jaguar
    • Macaw
    • Wedge-headed smooth-fronted caiman
    • Turtle
    • Tiger macro frog
  • Trees:
    • Ceiba Tree
    • Walking Palm
    • Brazil nut tree

Your donation at a glance:

  • concrete use: 1 € protects 1 m² old-growth forest
  • good for the climate: each square meter binds 60 kg ofCO2
  • transparent: you will receive a personalized certificate with the geo-coordinates and an aerial photo of the piece of forest you protected
  • lasting impact: your one-time donation guarantees the permanent protection of the area
  • Tax-deductible donation with donation receipt
Wilderness International

 Example of a wilderness protection certificate

I am convinced by the directness of the work. Instead of expensive awareness campaigns, WI actually protects unique wilderness areas. And not only the how, also the what has a hand and foot. Areas are selected on the basis of their acute threat, their ecological importance or their strategic location. All of this can be tracked by anyone using geo-coordinates. More transparency is impossible!

Jenin Ziemens

Environmental Ambassador

Wilderness International
Wilderness International

We show you where your donation goes. Exactly to the square meter.

Transparency through Drones

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Wilderness International
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