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Become a nature conservation partner 

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We are convinced that cooperation has many positive effects on the sustainable development of our world. Do you want to take responsibility for your actions as a company and commit to the future of our planet? Then become a conservation partner of Wilderness International and establish your company forest with us.

Your own company forest 

As a partner of Wilderness International, you can protect your personal company forest - and thus a very specific area of rainforest - for all time.

You are free to decide whether your piece of land should be located within our protected area in Peru or in Canada. With various actions you can let your forest grow in its area.

Wilderness International

We offer the corporate forest option from 10,000m2 of forest protection per year.




1 m2

of old-growth rainforest

forever and binds

60 kg 


permanently in the biomass of the forest.

Wilderness International
Would you like to donate on a smaller scale first? Then become a conservation supporter! 

WI Naturschutz Partner: Donations from 10,000m2 per year

We love partnerships with companies that want to work together to preserve our rainforests as part of a long-term commitment. It is important to us that our partners can also identify with our values.

Your forest will grow with these solutions:

Your forest will grow with these solutions:

Wilderness International
1 % of turnover for forest protection

Your company is growing and so is the forest: donate 1% of your total turnover or that of individual product groups every year and let the protected forest area grow bigger and bigger. 

Wilderness International
1m2 per product/service

Protect a piece of old-growth forest, e.g. 1 m2 or more, for every product sold. For example, one of our long-standing partners does it this way: 4 m2 of wilderness are preserved forever for every order placed in the online store. 

Wilderness International

Use our calculator or your already calculated footprint and protect the rainforest on this basis. We are happy to recommend contacts for individual compensation calculations. Learn more >

Wilderness International
Forest as a gift for employees

Protect a piece of forest for your employees, business partners or customers, e.g. as a meaningful Christmas present or for a company party. They can personalize and download the certificate online with a code. Learn more >

Wilderness International
Forest as a gift for your community

Protect a certain amount of forest and give it away to your community. Your customers, followers or employees can use a code to redeem their personal square meters of rainforest and donate even more. 

Wilderness International
Creative courage for more ideas 
Let's try out even more together! 

Why should our company invest in environmental protection? 

This is how it works

In this presentation you will find the most important information about working with us - clearly arranged, so that you can also convince the rest of your team.

The path to partnership at a glance

Every partnership is unique. This is what a typical partnership process looks like for us:

  • Make contact & define cooperation

    You can contact us via our partnership request. We will get back to you and discuss: What do you want to achieve? What motivates you? Do we fit together as partners? What solutions will we use to implement our partnership? 

  • Cooperation agreement & donation

    We conclude a joint cooperation agreement in which we set out your mission and goals. Our agreement also includes our Code of Conduct.


    You will then receive a link from us that you can use to donate to your company forest for the first time. 



  • Communication on forest protection

    With your first donation, you will receive access to our Partner Info Hub with extensive photo, video and text material that you can use for your communication. 


    We will introduce you as a partner on our website and you will have your own donation page. 

  • Looking forward together

    Be proud - together with Wilderness International you can now protect the rainforest in the long term! 


    We like to look at your commitment with you at least once a year and ask ourselves together: What else can we achieve by joining forces? 

For us, the special thing about working together was the personal contact, the fact that we could simply call and talk to someone who is passionate about what they do and why they do it. The people at Wilderness International are first and foremost conservationists.

Peter Meyenburg

PR Director Global Savings Group GmbH

Wilderness International

We are confirmed effective.

The Phineo "Wirkt!" seal confirms that our work has a traceable effect and that we are a high-performance and transparent organization.


As a partner, you can be sure that your contribution will be used effectively.

Wilderness International

Your commitment contributes to these SDGs

Wilderness International
SDG 6 - Water & Sanitation

The rainforest is an important part of global water cycles. Your protected rainforest therefore contributes to the conservation of clean water. 

Wilderness International
SDG 12 - Consumption

Thanks to donations, we can focus our communication and environmental education in such a way that consumption and production patterns are understood, questioned and, ideally, improved. One tool for this is the CO2 calculator. 

Wilderness International
SDG 13 - Climate Action

Every square meter of rainforest stores around 60 kg of carbon dioxide. By protecting the ecosystem, potential emissions are immediately avoided. This so-called REDD project is a main pillar of sustainable climate protection.

Wilderness International
SDG 15 - Life on land

Protecting terrestrial ecosystems can prevent soil degradation, combat desertification and slow down the loss of biodiversity. The conservation of protected areas therefore has a local but also global impact on sustainable life on land.

Wilderness International
SDG 17 - Cooperation

Cooperation has positive effects on sustainable development: diverse expertise and knowledge exchange, joint use of resources, promotion of innovation, increased reach, risk reduction, etc.

We look forward to hearing from you:

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Contact person
Wilderness International
Johann-Georg Cyffka


I am proud to be part of a movement that is committed to the protection of the primal nature that still exists today, as well as to education for sustainable development of future generations. The aim is to raise awareness of our environment as a society and to actively establish climate protection with real solutions for both individuals and companies. Making visible the consumption of nature in our lives and at the same time transforming it into environmental protection concepts drives me to push for both permanent nature protection and modern development solutions at Wilderness International.

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