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Robert Marc Lehmann

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  • Marine biologist, research diver, wildlife photographer, filmmaker and conservationist.
  • CO2 compensation of media productions, online store shipping and events through old-growth forest protection
  • Partner since 2020 
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Robert Marc Lehmann balances media production


Robert Marc Lehmann is a marine biologist, research diver and adventurer. The passionate environmentalist, multiple award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker has been working closely with Wilderness International since 2020 to offset thecarbon footprint of his media productions and projects through old-growth forest protection .

This includes the book "Mission Earth": With each book, 1m2 of rainforest in Peru is protected, so that a large, contiguous piece of forest is preserved for the future as a habitat for a huge variety of species. In addition, with each of the 1000 calendars for the year 2022, 1m2 of Amazon rainforest will be protected. In addition, many square meters old-growth forest will also be protected for other productions and events by Robert. These include his coffee table book, all annual calendars, podcasts, t-shirts and student climate conferences. We have also developed a newCO2 calculator for livestreams. In addition, Robert volunteers his scientific expertise with Wilderness International. In August 2022, he visited us in Peru to see his protected area. From this, the YouTube series "Mission Peru" was created.


About Robert Marc Lehmann 


In 2015, National Geographic named Robert Marc Lehmann Photographer of the Year. In 2018, he was named Man of the Year for his active involvement in nature conservation and environmental protection. His media reach in TV, film, audio and print media in which he is always a cameraman and photographer himself but also an expert in front of the camera or on the microphone, make him an extraordinarily present climate and nature conservationist. So far, Robert's expeditions have taken him to over 120 countries on all eight continents and to all climate zones of the earth. In the meantime, he has also launched his own association and brand called "Mission Erde".


Mission Earth e.V.


Robert Marc Lehmann is on a mission: the preservation of our earth with its unique nature and wildlife - his "Mission Earth". The marine biologist, photographer and environmentalist is on missions worldwide to save wildlife and fight environmental crime.
He takes us on emotional whale rescues, dangerous turtle and pangolin liberations in the jungle, or sometimes life-threatening missions in which he tries to put a stop to the people who are destroying our planet. He shows how serious the situation is, makes us witness the dramatic events on our planet and explains what must be done now and what each one of us can do.
He gives hope that all is far from lost - because: The world is worth fighting for! This is also the motto of his brand and his association Mission Erde e.V..



Robert Marc Lehmann protects many thousands of square meters as part of his "Mission Earth" for his media productions and other projects old-growth forest.

  • Wilderness International
    Mission Peru Community Rainforest

    Thanks to his YouTube series "Mission Peru", the Mission Earth Community has already protected over 400,000m2 of rainforest in Peru forever!

  • Wilderness International
    Robert Marc Lehmann illustrated book
    Each photo book by Robert Marc Lehmann protects 1m2 of temperate rainforest in Canada forever. Here you can download your certificate.
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    Robert Marc Lehmann Calendar
    Jeder Kalender von Robert Marc Lehmann schützt 1m2 temperierten Regenwald in Kanada für immer. Hier kannst du dir deine Urkunde herunterladen.
  • Wilderness International
    A book saves the world: "Mission Earth" by Robert Marc Lehmann
    Robert Marc Lehmann is on a mission: "Mission Earth" - dedicated to preserving our planet with its unique nature and wildlife. The marine biologist, photographer and environmentalist is on missions worldwide to save wildlife and fight environmental crime. In this