Environmental protection in the company

Together you protect less alone.

Are you a future-oriented, sustainable company or would you like to become one? Do you want to be a responsible business and show your commitment to the future of our planet?

Our projects offer numerous opportunities for you to implement environmental protection measures in your company. Join us and protect the last primary rainforests on earth!

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Long term cooperation

Wilderness International
1 % from sales

Your company grows and so does the forest: Donate 1% of the total turnover or that of individual product groups every year and let the protected forest area grow.

Wilderness International
1m2 per product/service

Protect one piece per product sold old-growth forest, e.g. 1 m2 or more. For example, one of our long-term partners does it this way: For each order in the online store, 4m2 of wilderness are preserved forever.

Wilderness International
Individual partnership

If none of these models are right for you or you have other ideas, contact us. Together we can develop a plan for environmental protection in your company!

One time donation

Wilderness International
Found company forest

Protect a specific piece of forest for your company with a donation of your choice. The certificate can be personalized with your company logo.

Wilderness International
Donation in kind

Equipment for our office, food for our wilderness runs, or gear for our expedition trips - thanks to this support, all other donations can go directly to forest conservation.

Wilderness International
Give away forest 

Protect a piece of forest for your employees, business partners or customers, e.g. as a meaningful Christmas gift or for a company celebration. With a code they can personalize and download the certificate online.

Climate protection in the company

Wilderness International
CO2 calculator for companies

Calculate free of charge the CO2-footprint of your company with our CO2-calculator. You can then protect old-growth forest to compensate.

Wilderness International
Compensation with Yook

old-growth forest protection in your online store - offset thecarbon footprint of your products with the Yook plugin. This way, customers can see how big the product'scarbon footprint is while shopping and offset it directly in the checkout.

This is how it works

In this presentation you will find the most important information about working with us - clearly arranged, so that you can also convince the rest of your team.

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Why should our company invest in environmental protection? 

For us, what was special about the collaboration was the personal contact, that we could just call and talk to someone who is on fire for what they do and why they do it. And that all came before we even talked about donating. The people at Wilderness International are conservationists:first and foremost; the science always comes before the "sale."

Peter Meyenburg

PR Director Global Savings Group GmbH

Wilderness International

Sustainable gift for employees, customers and partners

Make a meaningful gift with a piece of rainforest.

Rainforest giftRainforest gift

SDG 17

In line with SDG 17, together we are building an effective civil society partnership to promote sustainability, especially in the private sector.

Wilderness International

SDG 12 

This sustainability goal calls for initiatives that encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices and include sustainability information in their reporting. By working together, we are committed to fulfilling this goal.

Wilderness International
Wilderness International

Wilderness International is 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner. So you can also donate to us through this platform.

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Wilderness International
Johann-Georg Cyffka


I am proud to be part of a movement that is committed to the protection of the primal nature that still exists today, as well as to education for sustainable development of future generations. The aim is to raise awareness of our environment as a society and to actively establish climate protection with real solutions for both individuals and companies. Making visible the consumption of nature in our lives and at the same time transforming it into environmental protection concepts drives me to push for both permanent nature protection and modern development solutions at Wilderness International.