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The nature conservation subscription

Regularly protect forest

You already have enough on your plate in everyday life, but you actually want to get involved in a good cause? 

With our donation subscription you regularly protect rainforest - carefree and incidentally! So that you can continue to concentrate on the essentials.

Every year you will automatically receive a certificate of the protected forest from us as well as your donation receipt for tax purposes. So you don't have to worry about anything else. 

And if you ever change your mind, the subscription can be cancelled at any time. 


Subscribe rainforestSubscribe rainforest
1 €




of old-growth rainforest

forever and binds

60 kg


permanently in the biomass of the forest

This is how it works

  1. Betrag auswählen

    Du entscheidest, wie viel du regelmäßig spenden möchtest. Unsere kleinste Spendeneinheit ist 1€ für 1 mWald.

  2. Spendenrythmus festlegen

    Du kannst monatlich oder jährlich spenden.

  3. Sorgenfrei, nebenbei regelmäßig spenden

    Wir ziehen den Geldbetrag im gewählten Rhythmus automatisch ein.

  4. Ergebnisse erhalten

    Einmal im Jahr schicken wir dir deine Urkunde über die gesamte Fläche Wald, die du geschützt hast. Außerdem erhältst du deine Spendenquittung für die Steuer.

  5. Spende beenden

    Deine finanzielle Situation hat sich geändert? Kein Problem. Wir haben keine Mindestlaufzeiten. Du kannst dein Naturschutz-Engagement jederzeit vor dem nächsten Bankeinzug beenden, pausieren oder den Betrag verändern.

And what can your Euro do?

Save rainforest now

Playful monkeys, rare coastal wolves and centuries-old jungle trees - the rainforests of our earth are not only a wonder of nature, but also essential for a livable future. Together with Wilderness International, you can protect them forever.

Your Donation at a Glance

  • concrete use: 1 € protects 1 m² rainforest
  • good for the climate: each square meter binds 60 kg ofCO2
  • transparent: Every year you will receive a personalized certificate with the geo-coordinates and an aerial photo of the forest area you have protected. For the future, we have planned an impact dashboard where you can see at any time what impact your support has (e.g. number of protected species).
  • lasting impact: your one-time donation guarantees the permanent protection of the area
  • Tax-deductible donation with donation receipt
Wilderness International
Subscribe to nature conservation

Every donation protects valuable habitat - including yours.

Donate as much as a Netflix subscription

8 m2 mtl. schützen

Offsetcarbon footprint

19 m2 mtl. schützen

1% vom Brutto-Einkommen spenden

45 m2 mtl. schützen

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How we protect forest

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What happens with a Euro donation to Wilderness International?

Noch Fragen?


Nature conservation - but effectively.

In our impact report, we show you where your donation goes. And what we have already achieved together.

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