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New forest rangers strengthen our team Peru

The next generation for wilderness conservation

A biologist from Cusco and a forest scientist from the Manu region: Since the beginning of April, Stefany Rado and Eleazar Sanchez strengthen our team in Peru as new forest wardens! 

Read more about their background, why they found their way to us and what their tasks are here:

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My biology studies have taught me to respect, appreciate, and above all, love nature. It has brought me here, to my beloved jungle, to accomplish a great work. It reminds me of what a great poet once said, "Turn a tree into firewood and it will burn for you, but it will not bear flowers or fruit for your children."-Rabindranath Tagore.
Meanwhile, it is not just words, it is our reality. It is inexplicable to be able to study and protect from everything that is most dear to me. To even be able to make it my profession is one of the best gifts that life could give me.
I studied biology at UNSAAC in Cusco and have since worked in various projects in the Madre de Dios region, including an environmental study for the regeneration of natural areas destroyed by gold mines and the renaturation of tree species threatened with extinction.


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I come from the Manu region and was born in Palotoa. The name of the place comes from the Matsiguenga word "Paroto", which means balsa tree (Ochroma pyramidale).
Even as a child I appreciated the singing of birds at dawn, during the day I watched monkeys jumping around in the treetops, and admired the footprints of jaguars (Panthera onca) and tapirs (Tapirus terrestris) on the banks of streams, and fish such as Prochilodus magdalenae in the tributaries of the upper Madre de Dios River.
I studied forest engineering at UNSAAC with the goal of conserving forest and wildlife resources and using them sustainably.


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The forest rangers:inside

Locals with great experience ensure every day the protection of forest areas in Peru. 

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    Daily forest protection on site

    In Peru, we need to be present in our forest areas and be in contact with the people of the region to ensure the protection of the land. This task is carried out by local forest rangers. 

    They walk the areas regularly, fly drones, put up signs, are in contact with the people in the region about our projects and confront illegal activities if necessary. They lead and support our expeditions, research work, and environmental education projects. At the same time, the program offers an alternative way to earn a sustainable living.

Wilderness International Peru

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About the protected area

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    The Secret Forest

    Rainforest conservation at the pulse of the Amazon: Playful monkeys, mysterious jaguars and liana-clad jungle giants - the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse place on earth! Together with Wilderness International, you can protect this habitat forever.