Wilderness International (Canada)

The last millennia old jungle giants

Everyone knows about the value and the threat to the Amazon forests. But hardly anyone talks about the forgotten ecosystem of British Columbia: it is home to the world's last large contiguous area of temperate rainforest.

And yet British Columbia, of all places, is one of the last jurisdictions in the world that continues to allow large-scale logging of 600- to 1,800-year-old virgin forest giants. The main causes are logging, agriculture and infrastructure construction.

The Canadian environmental protection organization Wilderness International (Canada) protects these last wilderness areas together with local partners and international support.


The team of Wilderness International (Canada) consists of the Board of Trustees (control function, strategy), the Executive Board (legally responsible), the operational team (day-to-day tasks) and many volunteers.

Marco Lou
Management WI Canada

I grew up in rural western Canada and know that I was very fortunate to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, hiking, camping and horseback riding. This is how my identity has evolved over my lifetime, deeply connected to nature and wild spaces. I feel joy and freedom whenever I experience something new or unexpected in the beauty of nature and the world around me....

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Tobias Hürten
Director WI Canada

When I heard in the 5th grade about trees that are more than a hundred times older than me, I decided to participate in the Wilderness Run. It felt good to be able to actively do something for international and regional wilderness conservation. The opportunity to go on an expedition to Western Canada in 11th grade was an absolute game changer for me, because I could now experience the unique nature in the Toba Valley with all my senses. The vastness and untouched nature of the wilderness touched me so much that I wanted to continue my involvement with the foundation in the future. By organizing wilderness runs and especially as coordinator for the Wilderness Team Challenge, I was able to develop myself further and realize new ideas. A second expedition to our wilderness areas and to the West Arctic have again shown me the meaningfulness of my work - and expanded my craft and cultural skills.

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Kai Andersch
CEO WI Germany, Director WI Canada, Land Management

Wild nature is a source of inspiration for me and I feel at home there. Next to a huge tree in the old-growth forest, on the foggy riverbank or sitting on a mountain - nature helps to recharge my batteries and to experience small and big wonders. In the last 20 years I have seen whole forest landscapes disappear, cities and roads have covered lakes and valleys. Pristine nature is becoming rarer by the year - at a frightening rate that compels action. I love nature and, as part of Wilderness International, I want to fight to ensure that our Earth will continue to be one thing: Wild and beautiful.

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Henriette Wessel
Communication, Member of the Board of Directors WI Peru

Already since the 5th grade I enthusiastically participated in the rainforest runs and listened to the lectures about ancient giant forests. When I later read about the expedition to Toba Valley, I saw my chance had come to see and explore this wonderful foreign world with my own eyes. The people and experiences during the expedition were so positively impressive that I decided to do a year of volunteer service, which turned into two. During this time, an extraordinary project focus developed: the preparation of a cultural and conservation expedition with Germans and Gwich'in First Nations in the Canadian West Arctic!

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