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The wilderness runs

Wilderness run - What is it?

Our fundraising run is an opportunity for students to get active in sports and to get involved ecologically: for the protection of the world's most biodiverse rainforests, a healthy climate and a greener school at home. 

Wilderness International

In our previous wilderness runs, the participating students:inside have already protected 1,350,125m2 of rainforest forever!

As participating students, you choose one or more sponsors before the run. These can be private individuals or companies. Together, you determine an amount of money that will be sponsored for each lap run. The sponsors then donate the money raised by the participants to us, Wilderness International. Together we protect valuable rainforest.


Wilderness Runs

we organized at 68 schools in Germany from 2012 to 2020.



have participated in our lectures and runs.

1,3 Mio

m2 rainforest

we were able to put under protection forever through the donations we received.

Why should we get involved?

Only 2.8% of the Earth's land surface is still intact habitat.

Wilderness International

They still exist in Canada and Peru: thousand-year-old tree giants, salmon-fishing grizzly bears and howling wolves in the temperate rainforest of the north; liana-clad jungle giants, mysterious jaguars and playful monkeys in the tropical rainforest of the south. The rainforests are not only the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, but also the lungs of our earth: they bind huge amounts ofCO2 in their biomass.


Wilderness International

In lectures we talk about the peculiarities and threats to these unique ecosystems.

The SV of the Gymnasium Bad Essen independently organized a wilderness run with their fellow students and thus protected 20,000m2 of rainforest in Peru forever!

This is how wilderness running works! 

  1. Registration

    The registration is done by your teachers. They register your class as a running team at fundoo and send you the class link. There you can create your profile and enter your sponsors.

  2. Lectures

    We explain how the Wilderness Run works and why and what we are working together for.

  3. Sponsor:search

    Start looking for people who will support you with a donation for every lap you run. Fundoo will send you a printable form for this purpose. After that, you can register your supporters online via the donation page. Or you send them a link and they enter their donation themselves.

  4. Running for the wilderness

    After a welcome and warm-up, you will have one hour to run as many laps as possible.

  5. Evaluation

    All participants receive a certificate of their protected forest, and the most dedicated runners even receive prizes. Sponsors receive a donation certificate.

  6. Use of the donations

    85% for international wildlife conservation
    15% for green projects at your own school

  7. School environmental projects

    20% of the collected money can be used for your own environmental project, e.g. for a green classroom, a biotope, indoor greening, or an insect hotel.

I still have questions about the process

to the FAQs to the FAQs

Past wilderness runs

Since 2008, we have already conducted more than 50 wilderness runs with over 40,000 students! Here you can find results, pictures and more info.

  • Wilderness International
    Wilderness Runs June 2018
    Next week it's finally time again: Our wilderness run series starts. It starts on Monday 25.6. in Dresden, then Mittweida follows and on Wednesday we round it all off in Leipzig. We are looking forward to three great days with thousands of hardworking runners, who are working for the protection of the last he
  • Wilderness International
    Wilderness Runs in March - Thank you for your commitment!
    The first wilderness run of the 2017 wilderness protection season took place this week. Spread over two days, about 550 students from four schools in Dresden and Pirna ran for environmental protection. We would like to thank you for your commitment and the effort you put into finding sponsors for the run.
  • Wilderness International
    Successful wilderness runs in 2016
    Dear Wilderness Runners and Sponsors, With the final evaluation events of the 2016 Wilderness Runs and the upcoming first runs of this year at the end of March, we are reviewing the past year and looking back at what we did together with