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About the country

Especially in the early morning you can hear them in the Toba Valley: the pounding of heavy hooves, snorting. They are the shy wapitis, large relatives of the Central European red deer. But you can usually only see their tracks: hoofprints in the river sand.

Location of the nature reserve

The Wapitis' land is located on the Great Toba, directly across from the Grizzlies' land. At 80.53 ha, it represents another important part of our emerging grizzly corridor in the Toba Valley.

Vegetation analysis in paradise

During a vegetation analysis in the land of the Wapitis in July 2016, we were able to reliably identify over 40 different plant species. In addition, there are countless mosses and lichens. Most of these species were used by the First Nations living on the west coast of Canada as food, medicines or for the production of numerous items of daily life such as clothing and vessels. In collaboration with the University of Mainz, we are investigating the efficacy of individual traditionally used medicinal plants on cancer cells.