Wilderness International


Wilderness International
  • German-speaking guided nature and culture tours in small groups
  • The Diamir forest binds 112,798 tons of CO2 and protects a total area of 1,076,422 square meters (as of Dec. 2021)
  • Partner since 2016 

When traveling, it is almost unavoidable to emit environmentally harmful CO2. In order to be able to travel sustainably, Diamir offsets the consumption of nature, measured as a CO2 footprint, through wilderness protection. To this end, the CO2 emissions of each trip and the storage capacity of the temperate rainforests of Western Canada were precisely calculated. Diamir's commitment was recognized in 2017 with 2nd place at the GreenTec Award, Europe's largest environmental award.

Diamir is one of the leading adventure tour operators in the German-speaking world and offers guided small group tours and individual tours in 120 countries. The offer ranges from trekking tours to safaris and photography trips. What all trips have in common is the desire to encounter the country and its people consciously and intensively. This is ensured by small groups with a maximum of 12 participants and the expertise of Diamir's approximately 100 employees.

Diamir offsets in three dimensions for every group trip. Firstly, an area of forest is protected, which results from the CO2 footprint of the respective trip. Secondly, this allows CO2 to be bound in living biomass. Thirdly, Diamir ensures the long-term protection of habitats and biodiversity.

One particular success of the partnership is the voluntary participation of customers, who can make additional donations. Between 2019 and 2022 alone, participation rose from 15% to 23%.