New YouTube channel for adventure, expertise and conservation

Biologist Fabian Mühlberger and filmmaker Lukas Dürnegger have started a new project together: On the new YouTube channel "Wildlingz" you can follow their adventures into the wildernesses of the world, take away lots of exciting knowledge about nature - and save forests together with Wilderness International!  


the YouTube channel for everything wild

Conservation, expertise, lots of adventure: what's it like to be out in the world's most inaccessible places with heavy equipment? Wildlingz inspires enthusiasm for wild nature and shows what we can lose if we don't take care of it.

Save Wildlingz Forest

Fabian and Lukas explore the wildest places on earth - and we want to keep seeing that. That's why you can protect wild rainforest forever with them. Adventure guaranteed!

Wilderness International

Endless expanses, wild animals - wilderness can no longer be taken for granted. Today, only 2.8% of the world's wilderness remains.

In this episode, Fabian and Lukas explain how conservation works with Wilderness International on the ground in Peru and why it is so important and urgent that we get involved.