The old-growth forest protection plugin for your online store

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CO2 offsetting at checkout - powered by Yook

Give your customers a simple, fast way tooffset the CO2 emissions of their purchases in your online store.

With the Yook plugin, your customers can add a donation to their shopping cart and thus protect unique primary rainforests in a concrete, transparent and long-term way.

old-growth forest protection in shopping cart

Give your customers a positive shopping experience: With the old-growth forest protection plugin from Yook and Wilderness International, they can take responsibility. With their donation they do something concrete and directly traceable for climate and biodiversity.

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Added value for you as an online store operator:in

For only 99,- € per month:

  • easy to integrate: simple integration even for beginners, no code required
  • free calculation of thecarbon footprint of10 products
  • Brand preference: commitment to conservation sets you apart from other stores
  • Positive shopping experience increases customer loyalty
  • tax-deductible donation
  • Impact Page incl. free marketing package
  • Customizable to CD: individual and configurable
  • scalable: grows with your store

 Here's how it works:

  • install the Yook plugin and integrate it into your store
  • Your customers can voluntarily add the climate contribution in the checkout.
  • fixed donation amount (e.g. 1 € protects 1m2)
  • Percentage of the purchase value
  • as a store you can double the climate contribution of your customers

The Yook Impact Page

Show your commitment to nature conservation! An individual impact page shows how many square meters of rainforest you have already saved together with your customers and provides more information about the project. For this purpose, we provide you with high-quality materials in a communication package.

Wilderness International

old-growth forest protection in the shopping cart? 

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How doesCO2 offsetting through forest conservation work?

  • Huge amounts ofCO2 are stored in virgin forests. In our protected areas, it averages 60 kg perm2.
  • By permanently protecting these forests, we prevent the release of the storedCO2. TheCO2 thus remains bound in the long term.
  • In addition, we thus secure important functions of the forest for a stable climate and at the same time preserve valuable habitats and biodiversity.
  • If the forests were cut down, they would release moreCO2 than could ever be recaptured in a period of time relevant to humans.
  • Around 15% of annualCO2 emissions worldwide are caused by deforestation. That is more than the share of the aviation sector.

How does the forest save the climate?

CO2 compensation through old-growth forest protection

Primeval forests are real climate savers. They not only store huge amounts ofCO2, but also cool the environment, ensure stable precipitation and clean the air. And what's more, they are a habitat for a huge variety of species!

About Yook and our collaboration

 The Hamburg-based startup Yook has developed a plugin for your online store that allows you to automatically determine thecarbon footprint of your products. This way, your customers can support nature conservation projects directly in the checkout and thus offset theCO2 emissions of their purchase.

Yook thus provides the technical solution forCO2 compensation in the online store. We offer the concrete and transparent jungle protection project for the compensation of the emissions. Together, we are thus committed to ensuring that online shoppers can quickly and easily protect old-growth forest . So together we preserve a healthy climate and important biodiversity.

Learn more about Yook >

CO2 calculator for companies

Set a good example: Calculate your company'scarbon footprint free of charge, receive reduction tips and offset the emissions by protecting primary rainforest. In this way, you also encourage your customers to become active themselves. Encourage your customers to take action by setting a good example: Calculate your carbon footprint for free.

To theCO2 research To theCO2 research

About Wilderness International

Wilderness International, based in Peru, Canada and Germany, purchases wilderness areas legally secure with land title and protects them for all future.

Donations refinance the purchases and at the same time finance the long-term protection of the areas as well as environmental education projects and research on carbon storage and biodiversity.

Wilderness International

How can you save the rainforest? A guide in eight steps.

Wilderness International

What happens with a Euro donation to Wilderness International? What percentage of my donation really arrives?

Wilderness International
Johann-Georg Cyffka


I am proud to be part of a movement that is committed to the protection of the primal nature that still exists today, as well as to education for sustainable development of future generations. The aim is to raise awareness of our environment as a society and to actively establish climate protection with real solutions for both individuals and companies. Making visible the consumption of nature in our lives and at the same time transforming it into environmental protection concepts drives me to push for both permanent nature protection and modern development solutions at Wilderness International.

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