Forest in Peru by Wilderness International

Living tree.Living space.

Brazil nut tree in Peru from Wilderness International

How we protect wilderness. Our guide to saving the world.


Find land plot

In so-called rapid assessments we determine together with researchers, we determine the conservation value of a forest area. forest area. The decisive factors are whether the area has a high biodiversity and CO2 storage capacity, whether it is threatened, and and whether it is located in a strategically important place.


buy in advance

The purchase of the land is financed with loans. We do not collect donations for land that we do not yet own. own.


Land register entry received

We only work in countries with a high degree of legal certainty and only buy land with land register entry. All two or three foundations are entered in the land register.


Create georeferenced aerial images

With the help of drones we create high quality aerial aerial panoramas of our land. These are uploaded to our website. Each square meter is provided with concrete geo-coordinates.


refinance through donations

Everyone can donate to a specific piece of this wilderness area. donate. The donation refinances the purchase and ensures the long-term protection of the area. long-term protection. Each square meter will only be once.


prove by document with geo-coordinates

Donors receive a personalized certificate with the exact geo the exact geo-coordinates of the forest they have helped to protect. protect. In this way, the protection is concrete and directly traceable.


research, document, communicate

Environmental ambassadors and researchers visit the areas, do research together and experience the forest they are protecting. They then use the They then use the research findings, photos and videos for environmental environmental education in schools and to get people interested in wilderness. get people excited about wilderness.


Ensure long-term protection

Regular visits, local partnerships, forest guardian:inside, land taxes and the foundation concept ensure the long-term long-term protection and ecological integrity of the areas. Read more on p.40 (Why a foundation).